Biography of Slavka Lesidrenska /pseudonym Slava Lessy/ (1940 — 2021)

Славка Лесидренска /псевдоним Слава Леси/ (1940 — 2021) Slavka Lesidrenska /pseudonym Slava Lessy/ (1940 — 2021)
Slavka Lesidrenska /pseudonym Slava Lessy(1940 — 2021)

Slavka Lesidrenska /pseudonym Slava Lessy/ was born on October 7, 1940 in Sofia. Graduated in law at the „St. Clement of Ohrid“ University of Sofia. She has been working for over 40 years as a jurist.
Compiler of arbitration collections at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From 2010 to 2020 writes a blog. She has published three books – „My Childhood“, in which she collected children’s quotes of her daughter and grandson, „The Wisdom of Bible Parables“ and „Leisure Reading“.

From 2012 to 2015, together with her grandson, Mimo Garcia, they hosted the online audio show he created „For the children with Slava and Mimo“. In 2015, she made a special edition – „One hour with Slava Lessy“. In the same year, she produced the film „Nasalevtsi: Poor against Rich“.

From the creation (by the psychologist Galinka Chavdarova and her grandson) of the „Let’s talk together“, a psycho-logopaedic help and support platform in 2019 until her death on November 23, 2021, she was the chair of the Board of Advisors of the platform.